Advanced Training -
ORDA - an ongoing revolution

Stay current on the most important evolution of the 4D platform since v1

Advanced Training Description

March 19, 2020

ORDA technology was first introduced in 4D v17. It was a revelation… and yet just the beginning of a true revolution.

4D v18 brings you a modern and robust foundation for the future of your business apps. ORDA capabilities are drastically extended while retaining compatibility with ‘classic’ 4D code so you can smoothly migrate your existing applications.

The goal is to guide you along the path of changing the way you think about your code.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Optimistic multi-user and entity locking best practices with practical examples.
  • Integrating remote datastore(s) to have a homogeneous Distributed DBMS environment while maintaining the simplicity of code for a single database.
  • Integrating dynamic (JSON) forms within an application for elevated flexibility with less coding, using Objects, CSS, and other modern ISP techniques.
  • Exploring 4D advanced programming covering Formulas, Signals, Storage, using Variant type, Form events, Preemptive multi-threading, etc.
  • Using introspection commands to help you to expertly analyze and optimize ORDA queries and network traffic.
Jean-Pierre Ribreau
4D Trainer & Consultant

JPR started working with 4D in 1985 and has since performed countless training programs worldwide. He was even chosen by Apple to train their own users on how to use databases and to develop management software for the Mac. He has since acted in numerous capacities – from consultant to executive – at organizations as far and wide as ComSite, Mindscape, FIAT, UBS, BNP, the French Foreign Ministry, the US Navy and many others through France, the US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and beyond.