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The 4D World Tour is a series of 40 events around the world where our experts share the latest advancements and offer in‐depth training.

Step it up – v16 & more

Our team will walk you through a variety of 4D technologies and techniques. They will demonstrate how to use multiple facets of the 4D platform to solve practical use cases. All attendees will receive the example projects demonstrated throughout the day. Adapt these demos to your own needs and expand what is possible in the applications you build.

4D’s new Messaging Queue

4D v16 includes a true inter-process message queue for the first time in the form of CALL WORKER and CALL FORM. We’ll look at the mechanics of these new commands, and ways to use them to make your 4D systems more flexible and scalable. These are commands that every developer should be excited about as they offer one of the most fundamental new features in the language in years.


Who should attend?

4D Developers
Benefit from free training, sharpen your skills and stay on top of exciting new features
Managers, CTOs, IT professionals and small business owners
Benefit from an in-depth view of the 4D platform and meet consultants that may solve your custom application needs.

Pricing: Free

  • Presentations
  • Lunch
  • Coffee
  • Demo projects



  • Sydney – 23 May
  • Auckland – 25 May

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Schedule: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Welcome
  • Presentation part 1
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Lunch
  • Presentation part 2
  • Practical demonstrations

The Team

Team 4D

Damon Carley

Managing Director
Team 4D

Wayne Stewart

4D Australasia
Team 4D

David Adams

Island Data



Cliftons Sydney
60 Margaret Street Sydney


Cliftons Auckland
Level 4, 45 Queen St Auckland